THE nurse who was killed by her lover said the Dorset police officer “broke her” in Whatsapp messages to one of his former partners, a court has heard.

Timothy Brehmer, 41, of Hordle in the New Forest, is accused of murdering Claire Parry – with whom he’d been having an affair – on Saturday, May 9, at the Horns Inn car park.

Salisbury Crown Court heard yesterday how Brehmer and Mrs Parry, also 41 and of Bournemouth, met at the car park and started arguing at around 3pm.

After the row, Mrs Parry died of a brain injury due to compression to her neck – Brehmer claims he was trying to get her out the car and “went too far”, denying murder, admitting manslaughter.

The court heard from Kate Rhodes, a Dorset police officer who engaged in a relationship with Brehmer in 2011, that a Louisa Morgan messaged her asking about Brehmer in March this year.

Mrs Parry created a fake account under the name of Louisa Morgan and spoke to Ms Rhodes about how she had “fallen” for Brehmer. Ms Rhodes said in the messages she had experienced the same thing with the defendant, and wanted Louisa to “destroy” him.

In a message to Louisa, Ms Rhodes said: “He broke me and caused me no ends of problems at work. He talked about an exit strategy from his wife but she fell pregnant.”

Louisa Morgan replied stating that Brehmer “broke her too”.

Mrs Parry later introduced her real account to Ms Rhodes, although the latter always believed them to be different people. The conversation ended on May 9 when Mrs Parry said she was going to tell Martha, Brehmer’s wife, about the affair.

Bournemouth Echo:

After the incident in the pub car park, CCTV footage played in court showed Brehmer walk to the entrance and sit down, where Rachel and Lloyd Bartlett, on a family bike ride, stopped to help treat wounds to his arm.

Mrs Bartlett called 999 where she said: “He said he’s been stabbed. We think there might be another casualty. I think one might have stabbed the other. He’s hysterical so it’s really hard to get anything from him.”

Mrs Bartlett said she could tell by Brehmer’s body language that there was someone behind him in the car park and her husband went to check.

First-aid trained Mark Herridge arrived on the scene and he and Mr Bartlett went to the car and could see Mrs Parry “hanging out the driver’s side door”.

Mr Bartlett then returned to Brehmer to try and calm him down.

He told the court: “He was quite hysterical at the time. He asked me ‘is she dead’, I said ‘is she your partner’, to which he said, ‘no we have been having an affair for years’.

Bournemouth Echo:

“I believe he said she had stabbed him, and he had never seen her so angry.”

Mr Herridge told the court he saw a female body hanging out the driver’s side of the car with “blue face and blue lips, blood in her mouth”.

He added: “I could see the victim was lifeless. I needed to get something out of (Brehmer) to see if he knew her. I asked him if he knew her, he said she was going to tell his wife.”

Mr Herridge took over the 999 call from Mrs Bartlett and he told the operator he didn’t know if Brehmer had been stabbed but he had three lacerations to his left wrist.

He said Mr Bartlett had told him Brehmer stabbed himself, although Mr Bartlett told the court he didn’t remember saying this.

It was later discovered the wounds were self-inflicted.

Brehmer denies murder, the trial continues.