A NEW food trend has taken the world by storm and has inspired a local bakery to get creative with their croissants.

Owners of M's Bakery in Bournemouth Marta Nagy and Istvan Nadhazi are now selling cube croissants, a twist on the iconic French breakfast bread.

The couple were inspired by Swedish baker Bedros Kabranian, a member of the Swedish national pastry team, who came up with the idea a couple of years ago.

Istvan said: "I found the idea for cube croissants on Instagram. A lot of bakers are creating something similar and thinking of fresh ideas."

M's Bakery started selling cube croissants on Friday, October 9 after sharing the new creation with customers on Facebook.

Suffice to say, the response was very positive.

Istvan said: "Everyone has jumped on the idea and are looking for the croissants. We need to buy more baking tins for them."

The creation of cube croissants entails a normal baking process to that of a standard croissant, which is no mean feat.

Baking croissants (cubed or not) can take up to three days.

However, this has not prevented Istvan and Marta from producing the popular product.

Istvan said: "We are going to sell a small batch of cube croissants every day. They are filled with cardamom cream and jam with a chocolate ganache on top. The cube croissants are finished with edible flower petals to make them look nice. They are £3 each."

To find out more about M's Bakery, visit: www.facebook.com/msbakeryltd/