BEFORE visiting anywhere, Tripadvisor is the first port of call for many.

With many of us staycationing this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, we thought we'd take a look at some of the reviews for Dorset's most popular beauty spots and attractions. 

We've found some absolute gems and here are just a few of the reviews we thought we'd share with you. 

Bournemouth Echo:

Durdle Door

"After wanting to visit it was not signed as being either steep or having lots of steps the car park is overpriced and not enough toilets for amount of visitors there. If you suffer with vertigo, old age related hip or knee issues or hate heights not for you, advised to wear strong footwear too as you'll be walking on rocks the whole way down."

"Like everyone else we eagerly started scouring the beach but not a fossil to be seen - . If you go there expecting to find them you may be disappointed - be warned."

"Beautiful nature spot, unfortunately carparks and path leading to Durdle Door has been covered with hardcore with bad quality cement mortar so it is unbelievable dusty especially in windy days(so almost always) bushes, grass, cars everything covered in white dust. Whoever thought about doing that-great idea to spoil this amazing beaches."

"It is just a pebble beach with no toilets and drinking water available. need too much walking."

"The location is overdone - it consists of some unusual geology but nothing more. The walk is difficult along a path with loose stones but at least justified the ice crem and beer when completed."

"If you like nature, space tranquility do NOT visit. Completely over run by tourists. Similar to Disney Land."

Bournemouth Echo:

Bournemouth Pier

"Not a lot to say. Ferris wheel shut. Zip wire shut. Kiosks shut. It is the weekend ,you cannot make money if almost everything is closed.Really amazed that the sea and beach had not been closed as well. Disappointing."

"The 2p machines do not give tickets (even those with ticket slots) unlike other arcades. Not enough treats in the 2p machines and over priced games with no incentive if you win (e.g duck game)."

Bournemouth Echo:

Brownsea Island

"Brownsea island is probably lovely for a family trip but becomes rather boring after five mins, like seriously what do you expect from the place the scouts were founded."

"Very disappointed. Ordered Quiche salad. Small slice of Quiche, salad just covered a small side dish and a dessert spoon of coleslaw. £6.95.Asked which pasties were traditional. Took one, it was cheese and onion. All cold soft drinks were in a non working fridge. Asked if they had ice. No they didn't. On the whole a shambles. My husband has waited 15 years for this trip. Maybe should have brought a picnic. Know next time."

Bournemouth Echo:

Corfe Castle

"Remnants of what must have been an imposing building, but now in ruins with a few towers and walls remaining."

Bournemouth Echo:

Hengistbury Head

"Joined some friends at Hengistbury Head for some beach casting recently but was unfortunately targeted by a small westie called Toby who joyfully ran over and p***** on my rucksack! Didn’t really fancy my sandwich much after that."

"Lovely beach, only downside is that this place is full of dogs and I found it very disturbing to lie down and sunbathe and suddenly have a dog sniffing over me. Very off putting to say the least."