POLICE have dispersed groups hosting “raves” under Boscombe pier and have had to prevent people setting up amps on the beach.

It comes after residents complained about noise and antisocial behaviour as a result of these raves.

Groups were meeting on the beach with big amplifiers, raising concerns among residents about the noise and spread of the coronavirus.

Linda Sheppard, 65, of Undercliff Road, said: “They have been going on all summer.

“These raves start at around 9pm and continue into the early hours. There’s drink and drugs as well as loud noise from the boombox.

“Residents who live nearby cannot sleep. It is extremely stressful.”

Ms Sheppard said the council cut off underneath the pier with barriers after the “raves” in July.

However, now the barriers have been removed, the “raves” have started again.

“I can hear it and see everything. It is very clever, it is right underneath the pier so the noise is muffled by the pier, but we can still hear it.

“We’re concerned about the drinking and the drugs and the spread of the virus. Especially as it is a family beach.

“We have a huge residential area and we are disturbed constantly.

“You can hear them all coming up the hill, really drunk and loud.

“We have been here 20 years, and stuff happens in Boscombe everybody knows that.

“But this is really, really not good.”

Dorset Police said it has been working with BCP Council to conduct regular patrols on the beach.

A spokesperson said: “On Saturday August 22 police and BCP Council security officers prevented individuals from setting up a generator and amplifiers at the pier following an intelligence-led investigation.

“Since then we authorised a dispersal order under section 35 of the Antisocial Behaviour, Crime & Policing Act 2014 to cover a period over from Friday September 25 to Saturday September 27.

“We continue to engage with local councillors and support the preventative approach taken by the local authority.

“Dorset Police will respond to calls from members of the public where possible but will prioritise attendance based on an assessment of threat, risk, harm and vulnerability.

“We would like to remind everyone of the government’s restrictions on gatherings.

“We are reliant on information from residents about when and where ASB is occurring so that we can deploy our resources appropriately and this area has been designated as a priority.

“Anyone with information is asked to Dorset Police at www.dorset.police.uk, via email 101@dorset.pnn.police.uk or by calling 101.”