WE all realise many things have changed since the virus came upon us, such as:

  • There are fewer cars on local roads so...
  • The boy racers (BMW, Audi, etc) can up their speeds with great glee
  • However, cyclists using cycle lanes no longer feel safe alongside these fast cars, so they understandably move onto the pavements instead
  • This move is then putting pedestrians at high risk, as most cyclists are silent in their approach

I wish to make a plea to all riders of bikes – we walkers accept your sharing the pavements with pedestrians, but please put lights on your bicycles – white on the front and red on the rear – so we can see you, and also use some form of bell or buzzer, fixed to your handlebars, so we can hear you coming from behind.

And lastly, with early darkness approaching, your visibility, cyclists, is most important. So something reflective on your clothing would make you even safer – at the present time most cyclists are wearing black gear.

Thank you for your attention, my fingers are crossed.


Dean Park Road, Bournemouth