AGGRESSIVE and swearing parents have been warned about their behaviour at a Bournemouth primary school.

Heathlands Primary Academy in Springwater Road, West Howe has urged parents to behave better on the school premises when they collect their children.

In a post on Facebook a spokesman said concerned parents have brought the matter to the attention of school staff.

"The behaviour and conduct of a minority of parents on the school premises at collection time has been unacceptable" it says.

"We would like all of our children at the school to feel safe and calm. This is difficult to achieve if they have seen or heard conflict between adults at the gates as this causes great anxiety to them.

"Behaviour such as swearing and aggression from adults towards others cannot and should not be tolerated on school premises; it is a poor example to our children. We ask that you remember this and your support in this is greatly appreciated."

The school has declined to comment further.