A MAN has been found guilty of stealing an Amazon delivery van and “a number of parcels”.

Christopher Stanley Wright, who was not present at Poole Magistrates’ Court on Thursday, committed the offence on June 6 in Bournemouth.

The court heard how Wright, 56 and of South Kinson Drive, stole a silver Vauxhall Vivaro van belonging Pawel Garlicki on Portchester Road.

A statement from Mr Garlicki read in court said how he was starting his shift at approximately 10.30 that morning.

At around midday he felt as though he was being followed but did not think anything of it.

He parked on Portchester Road to deliver the parcel. He closed the doors and windows but left the key in the ignition and the car running.

He stated he was no more than 50 metres from the van, but when he returned he saw it driving away. He then phoned 999 to report the theft.

The van was then seen on Iddesleigh Road by residents Mark and Tommy Haywood-Briggs and off-duty police officer DS Simon Walters, who saw two people stealing a number of parcels.

Wright committed the crimes with Jed Hudson, who was handed a 12-week suspended prison sentence in July.

Mark Haywood-Briggs told the court: “I saw a silver van come to an abrupt halt which caught my attention, then I saw the driver kneel down infront of the vehicle with a rucksack which I thought was suspicious.

“The passenger opened the side door, he then starts touching some of the parcels.

“The van was certainly heavily loaded. I saw at the back of the van very distinctive Amazon tape on the parcels.”

Mr Haywood-Briggs said he took photos of Wright and Hudson which he made available to the police. The photos matched the suspects’ descriptions.

DS Simon Walters told the court he saw two people going in and out of the van.

“I thought they were possibly up to no good,” he said.

“I got my mobile phone to take some images. I sent them to my work email address and I produced exhibits of them.”

PC Raymond O’Haire, a police dog handler, was deployed to Iddesleigh Road and was told two males had walked away from the vehicle.

He called on police dog Indi, who gave a “strong vocal call” to the direction of the two men who were arrested.

It is not known how many parcels were stolen, but Mr Garlicki started his shift with 110 and when the van was recovered there were eight, although some of the parcels were delivered.

Magistrates found Wright guilty of theft of a motor vehicle and theft of a quantity of parcels.

A warrant was issued so Wright can be present for sentencing.