THERE are four precautions and measures I can take to protect myself against Covid-19.

Wash my hands regularly, wear a face mask, stay away from crowds and maintain a two metre distance from people whenever possible.

There is nothing I can do to protect myself against the consequences of the actions of Boris Johnson and his government.

He is ruining the future for this country and dragging down Wales and Scotland too.

Boris talks of levelling up; but where is the level set that he wants to come up to?

Does he intend that each of us be on hundreds of thousand pounds a year similar to CEOs of insurance corporations?

Does he intend that each of us live in a detached house with front and back gardens?

Does he intend that each of us has a profession of our choice, and whether carpenter, lawyer, electrician, surgeon, bricklayer, developer, roofer, doctor, builder or nurse, we will all be level?

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‘Levelling up’, ‘get our country back’, ‘strengthen our borders’ like all his other catch phrases and pronouncements, are said just to ‘tickle our ears’ and he knows our own brains will fill in what they each mean to suit our own prejudices.

Meanwhile under the fog of Brexit and now Covid-19 his government are beavering away at their plans to change Britain’s course and how it is run. Principle will go out the with the EU.

There is a contradiction in the Conservative party which has always been there from before Margaret Thatcher.

I think Boris Johnson has made the same mistake that both David Cameron and Theresa May made – thinking that the entrenched leavers could be appeased, kept onside and could be persuaded to back a more conciliatory view of the EU.

Now Boris Johnson has realised that his majority will disappear like the morning mist if he does not achieve a no-deal Brexit.

The hard liners are inches away from achieving what they have always wanted.


Runnymede Avenue, Bournemouth