PUBS, bars and restaurants operated with the 10pm curfew for the first time on the weekend.

And despite the owner of Urban Guild, which has three venues across Bournemouth, saying there was no trouble, he said the changes to how they can run is killing the industry.

Owner Mark Cribb told the Daily Echo: “The 10pm curfew is ridiculous, we lose our second sitting of people.

“Most people arrive between 8pm and 9pm and will have to leave at 9.50pm.”

Urban Guild run Urban Beach, Urban Reef and Urban Gardens in Bournemouth.

And Mr Cribb said sales were down 32.5 per cent last week as a result of the changes.

He continued: “Then you need to factor in the additional cost flipping from counter top table service in some areas, plus large amount of man hours in having to change operations with only 48 hours’ notice, all for no reason.

“What the government has done is make an enemy of 3.5million people employed.

“If we have done something and it is creating a problem and therefore there needs to be a response then we don’t mind that.

“Matt Hancock said half the transmission rates come in the hospitality industry, then Jonathan Van-Tam said it was 20 per cent, the official government figures say it’s 4.8 per cent.

“I hope they get rid of the 10pm curfew because it doesn’t make sense. They are making it worse and will cost 1million jobs.”

Meanwhile, Brewhouse & Kitchen boss also said the government needs to rethink the restrictions.

Kris Gumbrell said: “We have a strong balance sheet and we are not a late night business, but the new curfew is still really disappointing and will mean we have lost a significant part of our overall trading period, which we are now working hard to over come.

“The government’s own stats show that hospitality in total is five per cent of transmission, but we are an easy, soft target for the government to show it is making decisions and acting.

“Customers were cooperative and sympathetic, but it was very disappointing for our team members who need their hours and miss the buzz of the last hour, we are working hard to ensure guests book and come earlier, important for us to ensure a good safe experience and protect our teams employment.

“Government must rethink this, and get a grip of the real issues such as transmission in the home.”

A government spokesperson said: “These measures strike a balance between saving lives by protecting our NHS and the most vulnerable and minimising the wider impact on the economy and schools.

“The latest data suggests a considerable rise in the infection rate from within the hospitality sector in recent weeks, so we have taken immediate action to cut the transmission rate and save lives.

“We’ve acted decisively to support the hospitality sector throughout the coronavirus outbreak, and will keep all measures under constant review.”