UNINSURED and speeding drivers were stopped in a police operation in Purbeck.

Two cars were seized, one man was arrested for drink driving and two young drivers given penalty points during the operation involving officers from the Dorset Police No Excuse team.

A spokesman said: "On the the A351 we seized a Peugeot as the driver hadn't bothered to change the insurance over when he swapped vehicles. Why? And when we rang the insurance company they wouldn't insure him for this new car so they cancelled his policy there and then because he hadn't told them the truth.

"We seized a white BMW on the A352 as the driver couldn't afford the insurance after a recent crash he was to blame for. Both receiving six points and a £300 fine, plus recovery fees."

The driver of an X5 on the A352 failed a breath test after speeding home from the pub.

Two young drivers were handed three points for speeding on the A351 at Sandford. One told officers he might no longer be able to afford insurance due to the points.