AN independent jewellery shop has opened in Charminster Road, four months after closing its premises in Bournemouth.

Enigma, which used to operate in Old Christchurch Road, sells a wide range of jewellery, incense, crystals and closing.

They initially shut in May, blaming the decline of the high street, but after keeping a large amount of stock, the store has moved to a smaller location in Charminster Road.

And owner Linda White said she is a lot happier and more relaxed in the new store.

Ms White told the Daily Echo: “We finished after 33 years in Bournemouth. During lockdown we decided we had to get out of the lease.

“It was a massive relief to not have to struggle. The high street is struggling and with Covid it was getting harder and harder, there is no way we wanted to stay with that.

“Because of lockdown, we didn’t have a chance to sell off our stock, we have such diverse stuff people like to choose so I asked if one of the girls wanted to run a smaller shop.”

The shop is being run by Gemma Clarke. Ms White said she is involved in the shop while her husband Steven handles the business side.

“It is a miniature version of how Enigma looked,” Ms White continued.

“There are a few shops around us and it’s all really friendly.

“Some of the girls working here have been here for 20 years so people coming in will see some familiar faces.

“I’ve watched some of the customers grow up as they have been coming in for 30 years.”

Ms White said there is a staff of five people, but the shop could be run by one person.

She said one of the main reasons they have reopened was because of the response received after closing earlier this year.

“We thousands and thousands of messages from people who were so sad.

“it was a little community and it really got to me. The people over the years have become our friends.

“We’re just happy plodding along in our new shop.”