BUS drivers were threatened and had eggs thrown at their vehicles in a night of abuse in a residential area of Poole.

Morebus was forced to take action following the repeated anti-social behaviour by groups of youths at Turlin Moor on Thursday evening.

The number 8 and 9 services did not serve the area for the rest of the night, with the operator saying the incidents were threatening the safety of staff and vehicles.

Hamworthy ward councillor Julie Bagwell said these events were not a one off and something needed to be done about the issue, with youths “running feral”.

Morebus said it has CCTV footage of the incidents from its vehicles and has reported the matter to police.

Richard Wade, Morebus operations manager, said: “We want all our customers to enjoy travelling in comfort on our buses, but a small minority of people do not share our values.

“Our fleet is equipped with CCTV, and we are currently working to identify those in Turlin Moor who are intent on causing damage to our 8 and 9 service vehicles.

“The information will be shared with the police who we will be asking to take appropriate action.”

It was reported that buses operating the 8 and 9 services were being impeded by youths in the area of Turlin Moor.

The culprits were using threatening behaviour, throwing eggs and trying to intimidate drivers.

Their aim appeared to be to force the buses to stop, it is understood, however, the vehicles that were targeted were able to continue their journeys.

Mr Wade said Morebus would not hesitate to take action again if problems persisted.

“We want to continue serving Turlin Moor, but we will monitor the situation closely, and will not hesitate to temporarily withdraw our services here if necessary – to ensure the safety of our passengers and drivers,” added Mr Wade.

“Along with most people living here, our team respects our environment and the close-knit feel of community we all enjoy. We will not tolerate vandalism or anti-social behaviour and will always look to prosecute and recover costs from offenders.”

Councillor Bagwell said there had been problems on Wednesday night as well.

“This is an ongoing problem,” she said. “We are having more police up there to sort these kids out than anything else.

“We need to start getting a grip on it.

“This is having a massive impact. The youngsters are running feral and it is not fair on everyone else.

“They are riding out in front of cars as well and it is absolutely lethal.”

A Dorset Police spokesman said the force received a report of anti-social behaviour involving teenagers throwing items at buses shortly before 8.30pm on Thursday.

He added: “Local officers have been made aware and will continue to work to support bus operators and address issues of anti-social behaviour in the area. Members of the public with information relating to ASB can contact Dorset Police at www.dorset.police.uk, via email 101@dorset.pnn.police.uk or by calling 101.”

This is not the first time bus operators have faced troubles in the Hamworthy area.

In late 2018, a Morebus vehicle was targeted by thugs with ‘missiles’ twice in one day. The route was halted for the rest of the evening as a result.