EXCELLENT letter from Colin Grimley.

The Conservative Party were once respected for honesty, fair play, integrity and competence but alas it would appear no more.

The Alliance group were doing a great job in very difficult circumstances. Nationally the Conservative Party have made a very poor job. The worst being no testing. My son, who employs two key workers, spent the day phoning to be told the earliest test would be November.

The country is in this very perilous state because there still is no adequate testing. Half a billion was spent on getting people to eat out, yet we still haven’t got enough PPE.

The highest death rate in Europe, thousands dying unnecessarily as they were turned out of hospitals to die in nursing homes and spreading it amongst all the other residents. The worst economic recovery in Europe. We are an island and should have been well placed on all these fronts to have done better than Europe.

It was months before the Conservative Party stopped people flying in bringing the virus with them. Total incompetence from the very start, even their own team breaking their own rules and getting away with it, not a good example to young people. Yet the Conservatives feel they are born to rule.

I notice the two councillors who made the council grab possible, Julie Bagwell and Daniel Butt, apparently had no political allegiance when they stood as councillors on their resume.

I do hope the good people of Hamworthy who did not want a Conservative councillor will remember who put the Conservatives back in control and vote accordingly.


Lulworth Avenue, Hamworthy