A COUPLE have told how they were evacuated from their hotel as fire engulfed a building next door.

They were among a number of guests evacuated from the Britannia Hotel while firefighters tackled a huge blaze at a nearby building.

Carol Mulheron and Duncan Gray are currently on a five day break at the hotel from their home in Glasgow.

This morning they told how they were evacuated from their third floor room in the early hours of this morning.

Bournemouth Echo:

When the drama began to happenet the couple were told to stay in their room but then ten minutes later another alarm went off.

Carole said: "I panicked. I could see the flames coming really close to the windows.

"We were in the third floor room over looking the building that was on fire.

"It was very frightening.

"We were then told that we needed to leave and to gather outside the hotel."

The couple were then taken to another hotel at 2.30am while crews continued to tackled the fire.

Bournemouth Echo:
This morning they joined a number of other guests who returned the scene and being escorted through the hotel to collect their belongings.

They will then be given alternative accommodation at other hotels in the area.