THE Blue Pool in Wareham has closed after the sole proprietor died aged 91.

Jennifer Barnard had been running the tourist attraction for 65 years, and colleague Carolyn Snook described her as a “bestie”.

Ms Snook, who is a manager at the pool, said: “It is in the hands of the executors who have obviously closed us whilst they go down the probate route.

“We don’t know the long term plans, I have worked here for nearly 28 years, we have shut six weeks before the end of the season in the 85th anniversary year.”

Bournemouth Echo:

Jennifer Barnard

Speaking about Ms Barnard, Ms Snook said: “She was a great friend to me.

“I am finding it quite difficult. Her father left the pool to her and she has been running it for more than 65 years.

“She baked every scone that we sold here, the last scones she baked was before lockdown.

“She was a bestie, a granny, all sorts of things to me. She was a legend.

“I started here at 13-years-old and learned everything I know from her. She was incredible.”

Bournemouth Echo:

The Blue Pool by Camera Club member Martin Turner

The Blue Pool is a flooded, disused clap pit where Purbeck ball clay was once extracted.

In 1985, the site was declared a site of special scientific interest.

The title of the Blue Pool comes because there are minute particles of clay in colloidal suspension within the water which diffract the light depending on the particles' size.

A statement on the Blue Pool’s Facebook page said: “A massive thank you to all the visitors who came to see us this weekend, and for all the caring messages and stories of such memories.

“We will be closed to continue with the legal implications of the passing of dear Miss Barnard who was a sole trader.

“We will update you with further information as and when we are able too. Once again thank you to you all.”

Reacting to the news, Rachael Lakhan said: “RIP Miss Barnard, she devoted her life to baking scones and running this place for the public to enjoy.

“Such a sad day indeed. I hope her family can save it and keep it in the family.”

Donna Emery added: “So sad, I literally only discovered this amazing place for the first time about a month ago and had many plans to return. I hope it will re-open as soon as it can.”