LAST week at the Downing Street briefing, when Mr Johnson introduced the “Rule of Six”. He looked straight into camera and solemnly told us “You must obey the law.”

So must you Mr Johnson, so must you. The consequences should he break international law are deeply damaging to the truth, trust, and integrity for which this country has hitherto been known. We are a parliamentary democracy. Politicians on both sides of the house must come together and stop Mr Johnson from breaking international law, destroying our reputation and severely reducing the chances of future trade deals.

If Mr Johnson is to command any respect and trust he must not renege or overwrite any part of the withdrawal agreement that he himself signed and declared to be “fantastic” and he must deliver his “oven-ready deal.” He needs to focus on getting Covid-19 under control because it is only then that the economy can start to recover.

From a very concerned citizen who obeys the law and does her civic duty.


Canford Cliffs Road, Poole