Have you ever wondered where the most dangerous roads in Bournemouth for cyclists are? 

More than 44 per cent of the town’s population cycle once a week and that number is predicted to rise. 

According to the latest government statistics cycling increased by more than 300 per cent across the UK during the height of lockdown from March 16 to June 1. 

Crash Map is an interactive tool which allows you to see exactly where ‘fatal’, ‘serious’ or ‘slight’ accidents have happened in your area.

The data for the site is sourced from police and government databases up to 2019.

Despite the introduction of Beryl Bikes as part of BCP Council's sustainable travel scheme and Bournemouth having the largest bike share scheme outside of London, there are still strives to be made to ensure the safety of cyclists. 

In five years there has been more than 700 accidents across Bournemouth from West Parley, to Parkstone, Boscombe and Hurn. 

The worst area for cycling accidents is Winton, with 114 accidents.

Bournemouth Echo:

One of the main accident blackspots included Talbot Roundabout with eight 'slight' accidents and one 'serious' incident. 

Another accident blackspot in the area was the East Avenue Rounabout at the top of Wimborne Road had 16 accidents. 

Bournemouth Echo:

BCP Council have erected safety reminders for drivers at East Avenue Roundabout. 

The majority of incidents in Winton happened along Wimbourne Road with a high number occuring outside the Wetherspoon's, The Parkstone and Heatherlands. 

Director of campaigns for the national cycling charity, Brake, Joshua Harris said:

"We urgently need more investment in dedicated cycling infrastructure and we need safer vehicle speeds, including 20mph limits in our towns and cities."

Mr Harris added that it was unsurprising that two-thirds of adults feel that it's too dangerous to cycle on the roads due to threats, speeding cars and a limited space for cycling.

Bournemouth Echo:

The Bath Road, from Landsdowne to the beachfront had 10 accidents from 2014 to 2019.

Old Christchurch Road is also one of the most dangerous roads in the town with the majority of accidents happening at the busy Landsdowne roundabout.

Between Boscombe and Southbourne there were 113 incidents with Seabourne Road having the most incidents. 

Bournemouth Echo:

There were a high number of accidents on the A35 by Browning Avenue indicating the area is a blackspot for cycling incidents. 

To find out how many crashes there have been on your road, go to Crash Maps