ARE we heading for a second national lockdown?

Hundreds of people have had their say on the Bournemouth Echo's Facebook page after we asked for their views on the subject.

Here's a selection of some of the comments. You can read them all here

1. Yes, people flouted the rules, government relaxed rules to early. Bigger and worse wave to come if Spanish flu is anything to go by.

2. I think it's definitely possible - maybe the 2 weeks in half term as they've said though I don't think that's long enough, it'll just start again when kids go back to school. 

3. How about residential/work checking by new “covid Marshall’s”that are being talked about? Maybe the primary entrances from East; A338 Wessex way at Ashley heath roundabout? and West; A350 Holesbay roundabout. May cause gridlock but may help limit impact of others from outside the area and enable us all to become more considerate, conscious and caring towards each other in BCP.

4. The restaurants and pubs especially were opened too soon. Stop the drinking let them eat with soft drinks only and maybe then they will keep to the rules.

5. The people need to rise up against it, lockdowns create more problems than they solve.

6. Yes. I think it has always been on the cards. Let out for a while to boost economy, knowing we will lockdown again.

7. Agree that some will be asked/instructed to shield. Possibly....... probably more restrictions on socialising. A second national lockdown? Economically unsustainable.

8. Our economy won't be able to handle another lockdown so no i don't think so. Maybe local ones and shielding the vulnerable.

9. Either a lockdown or very strict regulation of life. People dont take it seriously enough.

10. Don’t think the country will survive it financially, maybe local lockdowns?! People need to start acting responsibly otherwise it’s going to be years before we’re anywhere near getting back to some normality.

11. Obviously there will be. I work in retail and so many customers come in with NO  mask... NO face covering...we ask them and get told I don’t have too! We have hand gel at the front and back of our store and yet not many will use it again they forgot the 2 metre rule. So thanks to selfish idiots yes definitely second lockdown.

12. Putting everyone on lockdown won’t stop people catching it but will prevent the NHS from becoming overwhelmed. The last lockdown wasn’t to stop the spread but instead lower the amount of people catching it so that the NHS could cope. Lockdowns will always be based on that as they want to build up the herd immunity.

13. I was sheilded because I'm clinically vulnerable at first I took it seriously but the rules have become ridiculous it's a waste of time. Shield the clinically vunerable if they wish to be and just let the rest go about there business unless you are vunerable you have minimal risk of being hospitalised let alone seriously ill. 

14. Start policing it properly like they are in other countries who are using military to dish out on the spot fines etc. Anyone not observing social distancing etc is fined. We have been far too soft. If everyone took it seriously, whether you believe it or not, the sooner everyone does their bit the sooner we can get through this. It’s no good being rebellious just to satisfy your need to go to the pub to see your mates etc - you are the reason this is going on and on and on and on.....

15. Yes another full lockdown will happen people still think it's a joke and it won't happen to them. They are so wrong.