FROM a desire to give residents in Bournemouth and Poole a place to play, Peter Valinski has grown Entoyment to become the largest gaming venue on the south coast.

We have received many nominations for the war gaming and hobby centre in Fleetsbridge Business Centre in Poole, which we have voted Trader of the Week.

Jason, who sent us an email, wrote: “The games room is used by so many people from all kind of backgrounds and many with special needs. Everyone is treated fairly and all are warmly welcomed. The owner, Peter, does a great job bringing people together. “He loves to give people, young and old, the chance to meet and play all kinds of games together. Pete’s shop helped my autistic son start socialising and making friends and he is not the only special needs person there.”

Bournemouth Echo:

Peter, who opened Entoyment six-and-a-half years ago, said: “This kind of praise makes all the hard work worthwhile. It’s obviously challenging to open a small business, initially on your own, see it grow in a challenging market for physical shops and with the vision of creating a safe and welcoming environment for your customers.”

Peter was inspired to open Entoyment from a lack of tabletop facilities in the area at the time. “Although we started small, we have grown to be the largest gaming venue on the South Coast with an excellent community of friendly gamers and hobbyists,” said Peter.

“Our ambition is to keep growing with our community.

To keep expanding our ranges to cover more aspects of the genre.

“I love the welcoming attitude of our regulars towards new faces. Everyone is keen to teach new players and welcome them into the gaming community.

“I am passionate about our range and stock, which enables us to provide a depth of service where there is always something new to look at.”

The pandemic presented obvious hurdles for Entoyment as it has for the whole retail sector.

Bournemouth Echo:

Peter said: “Thankfully our community has rallied and supports the store and the procedures we put in place for safeguarding.

“Uncertainty is something we have to get used to, but for now the hobby goes from strength to strength.”

Peter added: “Come and check us out. Meet new friends, play games and paint models.

“We have a cafe with a superb range of board games, miniature games, card games and hobby accessories. It’s a real diamond of a store.”