A SERVICE road which has attracted fly-tippers should now be getting cleared up, thanks to the efforts of local campaigners.

Parkstone campaigner Jeff Williams spearheaded the fight to highlight fly-tipping along the service road close to Ashley Road, Parkstone, Poole.

Now he says the management companies responsible for the road have informed him they will be clearing the mess.

Mr Williams has criticised BCP Council for a lack of involvement in the issue, saying: "Covid of course is having a huge impact on public services but Covid is with us for the foreseeable future - it could be years.

"We surely cannot leave fly-tipping on public or private land to run out of all control for months or years into the future."

Mr Williams said he emailed the council about the fly-tipping and also provided them with a number of photos documenting the rubbish being dumped along the service road.

He said: "I am personally appalled in all these months the council has not acted to get these huge fly-tips removed."

Meanwhile, councillor Felicity Rice, portfolio holder for environment and climate change, responding to a request for comment from the Daily Echo, said: "We will liaise with the owner of the land to ensure the fly tip is removed, and will if necessary take enforcement action in the vent the owner fails to cooperate.

"Most land owners are willing to work with us to clear their land of fly tips, but we will not hesitate to take formal action where necessary."

Earlier in the summer BCP Council cleared a large fly-tip in Bournemouth's West Hill car park.

That location had become subject to frequent incidents of fly-tipping, which escalated during the initial stages of the lockdown.

Indeed, incidents of increased fly-tipping were reported across the county during coronavirus lockdown, especially in the early stages when tips and recycling centres were closed down.