I THINK we all need to take the closest notice of Cllr Slade's comprehensive account (Sept 18) of the massive chaotic failure of Covid testing station in Creekmoor. Our testing station for the entire county.

How horrendous. How terrible. And this state of testing echoed up and down the land. The Times Sept 18: "A scientist who has toured facilities said he was appalled by what he saw."

Damning statements from inspectors which Cllr Slade spells out in detail in the case of Creekmoor with horror impacts. Parents with children so distressed police had to be called.

And the reply from government, Baroness Harding, the minister who Cllr Slade wrote to: "Predictions by scientific advisers had not anticipated demand."

You could not make this up. The matter of "anticipation" with the all too clear implication "its the fault of the scientists".

Nothing to do with Boris Johnson not attending any of five major Covid-19 Cobra meetings in February.

A matter of paying attention and anticipating consequences and needs at the highest level. Like, to start with, PPE equipment for the NHS and care homes.

Nothing to do with Johnson's wild claims of a "world class track and trace system" hyping up public expectations.

People expecting this to be delivered, along with high quality testing in our towns, to find it all turns to dust and nightmares. People directed to testing stations up to a 100 miles away.

But then should we be surprised? How could it be more blazingly clear to the world we have a bragger – class-room show-off – running the country.

Promise after promise plucked out of the air with no thought to real world credibility.

The lies and broken promises from this Brexit-obsessed government now legendary around the world.

Even to the extent of Donald Trump of all people warning UK not to leave Ireland in a dire state back to pre-1998 Good Friday Agreement.

Time for this child-like Prime Minister to go.

He's had his fun – at immeasurable cost to the country. Time for a serious grown-up government of national unity in this time of national crisis and emergency unprecedented in our life-times.

JEFF WILLIAMS Jubilee Road, Parkstone