PARENTS at a Christchurch school where pupils have to wear masks in lessons will be consulted on the issue later this week.

Twynham School heads made the decision to enforce the wearing of masks in the classroom despite Prime Minister Boris Johnson describing such a move as "nonsensical."

The move has since been criticised by pupils and parents and head teacher Jy Taylor promised to review the decision within the first two weeks of term.

In a letter sent out to parents on Monday, he told them they will be consulted later this week.

And he also announced plans to relax winter uniform rules during the hot weather.

Due to coronavirus safety restrictions, air conditioning cannot be used in the school and students spend much of the day in one room, wearing masks.

On the subject of face masks, Mr Taylor said: "We continue to thank you for your support and understanding with this. As promised we are reviewing our approach as we move towards the end of the second week back. Please look out for a parent survey later this week as we consult with everyone to consider how we move forward."

He also outlined the difficulties faced during the hot weather and added: "We have found that our students are understandably getting quite warm. We will therefore be moving to our summer uniform rules.

"This means students can remove their blazers and ties once they have arrived in their first lesson. Full school uniform is expected to be worn when students both arrive and depart from school. We will review this at the end of the week."

Water fountains cannot be used due to safety restrictions so students have been urged to ensure they take enough water to school with them.

Cases of coronavirus among staff or pupils have been reported at several Dorset schools sine the start of term.

They include St Peter's secondary school in Bournemouth, QE in Wimborne, St Mark's in Swanage, Merley First School, The Gryphon in Sherborne and Yewstock in Sturminster Newton.