A FISH and chip shop in Christchurch has been forced to reduce their opening hours due to ongoing works on Bargates affecting their business.

Bargates Fish and Chips will be closed Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday but will be open Thursday through to Sunday until the works are complete.

Southern and Scottish Electricity Network began extensive work on a leaking mains cable last week and have said the roadworks will be in place for at least three weeks.

Owner Alexander Oniel said: “With the Bargates now being closed for three weeks at best, this has cut us and other business off from trade almost completely.

“There is 40 min delays around Christchurch through traffic is gone replaced with frustration and avoidance of the area.

“We have only been open 12 weeks and were building a good trade, we have now lost this due to the road closures.

“Its frustrating with very damaging consequences for a new business especially with the current climate.”

The restaurant are continuing to offer delivery options, with customers able to make orders online or over the phone, and plan on moving back to their usual opening hours as soon as the works are complete.

Mr Oniel is frustrated by the fact the works are projected to take so long, questioning whether the work can be done in a shorter amount of time to limit the interference with businesses and commuters.

He added: “As soon as the road works are complete, we will be open in full trading capacity again. Until then it’s just hoping the repairs go smoothly without any setbacks leading to delays.

“I don’t know why it cannot be worked upon around the clock so to speak, as one shift finishes another takes over, get the job done as fast as can be due to the disruption to the local area and travel.

“It would make better sense than a drawn out eight hours a day shift for workers to down tools then weekend off. Its bad management at a senior level.”

In response to the outrage the roadworks have caused, councillor Peter Hall said: "SSEN were hoping the works would only take a week but suggested three weeks just in case. The Bargates is probably the worst road in Christchurch they can choose as it creates maximum congestion, but they can't really take any risks when it comes to electricity and power.

"It must be very,very difficult for businesses."