AMONGST the 250,000 motorhome and campervan owners in the UK, Bournemouth is rightly perceived as being anti-motorhome due to the lack of daytime and overnight parking facilities available to them.

Many motorhomers are retired with big spending power, equating to a potential £1.1 million per day, based on the average £45 daily spend by 10 per cent of owners, yet they are practically forced to take their holidays in Europe where they are welcomed and provided for with sites offering overnight parking, fresh water and waste water disposal at the very least.

The modern motorhome is self-contained and owners are reluctant to pay campsite fees for facilities they neither need nor use such as toilet blocks and playgrounds.

Also, campsites are generally miles away from the local pubs, restaurants and bars where the motorhomes would love to be able to spend their money.

Thanks to the pandemic, many more of us are holidaying in the UK both this year and next, and motorhome sales are on the rise. Isn’t it about time BCP took advantage of this rapidly growing form of tourism rather than driving people away? The provision of overnight parking spaces would not only benefit the council with increased revenue from parking, but also the struggling businesses on our high streets.


Fairmile Road, Christchurch