OFFICERS stopped a car in Bournemouth after seeing a passenger holding an iron out of the vehicle's window.

Members of the Dorset Police No Excuse team pulled the Volkswagen Golf over in Castle Lane West on Thursday to find out the reason for hanging the household appliance from the car while on the road.

A spokesperson for the team said: "The mobile ironing service – you stand outside and they drive past and iron anything for you.

"On first view we thought these were legs hanging out the window, when we stopped to ask why they were hanging an iron out the window – they were cooling it down.

"Words of advice to keep the iron in the car or wait until it’s cooled down before driving."

Officers also issued a ticket to the driver of an Audi A6, which did not have a front number plate.

The motorist reportedly told officers it had fallen off but the spokesperson said they could not see where it would have fallen off from. The driver received a £100 ticket.