POLICE have stepped up efforts to combat people using a road near the Hengistbury Head cafe as a race track.

Following complaints of anti-social behaviour being caused by vehicles and mopeds in the area, officers from the Dorset Police No Excuse Team and Bournemouth police attended the scene on Thursday evening.

A spokesperson for the Dorset Police No Excuse team said: "We had further reports on Thursday night that vehicles and bikes were using the main straight as a race track – it didn’t take long to identify our first offence, in fact it was 20 seconds of being there.

"As we pulled up to observe the group of 15 to 20 from a distance in our unmarked vehicle, a moped went past us two up with no helmets.

"When we stopped the moped we found the rider was using a mate's bike and quoted 'that’s what we do, ride round on each other’s bike' – checks established the rider wasn’t insured for the bike, he received a ticket for six points and £300.

"Unfortunately for this male he only passed his driving test in February this year – he will now go back to provisional and have to retake his test."

Police said they dispersed everyone from the area and will continue to target the location for potential offenders.