MOTORISTS in Christchurch are to expect long delays as Bargates is to be closed for three weeks from today for electrical cable repair.

A small section of the road between Twynham Avenue and The Mews is to be closed off, with diversion along Stour Road to the four-way traffic lights.

Yellowbus say number 1 buses from Poole to Christchurch via Parkstone and Southbourne, 1b buses from Bournemouth to Christchurch via Boscombe and 31 bus routes from Castlepoint to Somerford via A338 will all be affected.

A Yellowbus spokesman said: “Due to the road closure, services will be diverting and unable to serve Bargates and Christchurch station.

“The nearest alternative stops are Christchurch High Street and Barrack Road.”

Both Directions number 1 and 1b bus routes will be diverted along Christchurch High Street and Barrack Road before joining normal course.

The outbound route for the number 31 buses will be diverted along Fairmile Road and Barrack road and will terminate at Barrack road bus stop E.

The inbound route will be led around the Bailey Roundabout and along Fairmile Road before continuing on its usual route.