I COMPLETELY agree with my former colleague Stephen Chappell’s letter.

I now find the concerns I shared with readers on August 27 over the closure of some roads, have expanded into my former ward, Leven Avenue into Glenferness Avenue.

Whoever thought of this one has no idea of the area or, for that matter, what currently takes place at this time. If cars turn right into Leven Avenue and then Glenferness Avenue this will encourage further queues towards the traffic lights at the junction with Glenferness Avenue, blocking those wishing to proceed towards Poole.

One can see at peak hours on this very important road the queuing is there and will become even worse, causing further pollution, from stop-go, stop-go.

This will not help cyclists at all, as I am sure the potential build-up of cars will cause pollution issues.

This is a ridiculous idea. We have enough problems around town. Why on earth experiment with this? And as my former colleague has said, the idea that the overall effect of closing Leven Avenue to through traffic will be to reduce pollution and congestion to through traffic doesn’t hold at all.

This is again an ill-thought out idea, quite ridiculous, and will cause longer delays whilst also not helping the environment.


Former councillor for Talbot and Branksome Woods ward

Greenacres Close, Bournemouth