AS children head back to school, and offices re-open, many people will be answering Boris Johnson’s call to action to walk or cycle short journeys where possible, rather than drive. Some of these people may be a little unconfident at first, so I’m issuing a plea to drivers to please take extra care.

Take a second to double check every zebra crossing and side road for children waiting to cross. Pass people on bicycles extra wide and slow. Be patient on the roads, after all you will inevitably have to stop again shortly at a traffic queue or red light.

I know that “cyclists” are made out to be monsters, but actually we are all just people who happen to ride a bike some of the time. I also drive sometimes, but usually cycle as it keeps me fit and I prefer not to add to our towns’ traffic jams. I guess that makes me a cyclist, yes, but first and foremost I am a mother to two young children.

Imagine my little boys’ faces if they were told that their mummy won’t be coming home tonight, or indeed ever. Because that’s what is at risk when you pass me too close, or fail to look properly at a roundabout.

People on bikes are just that: people. They are all somebody’s mother, father, daughter, son; a doctor, a teacher, a midwife on call. I implore you all to put aside your prejudices and stop with the snarky comments about road tax (doesn’t exist), Lycra (who cares?), and law-breaking (there are irresponsible road users of all kinds, personally I’d rather those people were in charge of a 20kg bicycle than a 2000kg SUV).

I’d love it if more people would cycle or walk, instead of drive, even once a week, as I think it would make every road user more empathic for others. But if you can’t, or simply don’t want to, that’s fine. All I’m asking is that you respect and help safeguard the most vulnerable people on our roads. Humans are soft-shelled without a metal car surrounding them.

Please help me get home safely tonight so that I can tuck my babies into bed. Thank you.


Davis Road, Poole