ONE of the conurbation's bus operators is preparing to "ramp up" its operation - although one Bournemouth route is being withdrawn due to potential passengers still working from home.

Yellow Buses has announced its timetable update, which comes into effect from today (August 30)

As reported, BCP Council's scrutiny board was told this week that bus passengers had risen to around 50 per cent of their normal levels over the summer having been below 10 per cent at the height of lockdown.

And with further increases expected in the weeks ahead, changes have been announced by Yellow Buses.

This includes increased services on the Bournemouth to Kinson 5/5a and a re-routing of the 4a Bournemouth to Moordown service.

Meanwhile, Night 1, Night 5 and 8 are suspended due to the "on-going effect of the virus on some businesses".

A Yellow Buses spokesman said: "In line with Government advice for schools returning and a general ramp up of services for workers, we are increasing frequencies across our bus network from August 30, key features include service 5/5A increased to every 10 minutes; the resumption of school routes to QE School, Wimborne and Highcliffe School, plus St Peters.

"Due to the on-going effect of the virus on some businesses, routes Night 1, Night 5 and 8 are currently suspended, the latter being due to staff at Discovery Court continuing to work from home.

"The revised 4A provides a new faster link into the town centre, from Winton and Charminster, avoiding the station and Lansdowne, following requests from some businesses, this route will also incorporate the Triangle.

"For customers travelling from Bearwood to the town centre use service 6, whilst for customers travelling from Bearwood and Bear Cross to Kinson, Castlepoint and RBH use service 2."

Overall the timetable update from Yellow Buses includes 18 services, with full details available at

"For further information, please check our website or pop into our travel shop which has now reopened," the spokesman added.

"There will be a further increase in services from the end of September following the agreement with DFT to provide further funding to allow services to return to near normal."