IN response to Paul Bradbury’s letter of August 27 regarding closing town centres off for pedestrians and cyclists, he seems to ignore the lack of consideration some cyclists show to pedestrians.

I recently had to cross Seafield Road as a young family of four, all on bikes, with a dog, were riding on a narrow pavement with no regard for pedestrians.

If we are going to have town centres free of cars modelled on Holland then we must first train cyclists to push their bikes through narrow pavements and not just treat pavements as road extensions with the risk of injuring pedestrians, and we now have the added risk of electric scooters which I have seen on numerous occasions switching from road to pavement.

Whilst understanding the benefits of less pollution by closing off town centres to cars, we must in turn encourage cyclists of all ages that they must consider pedestrians more as having number one priority and not at present as third class citizens.


Seafield Road, Bournemouth