HAVING read Councillor Hadley’s comprehensive rationalisation for the recent varied and unexpected proposed clifftop road closures, to me the most striking phrase was “...complete the works in 12 weeks or we will claw the money back”. Presumably this statement was made by central government.

Surely though if there is no need for any works to be done, then there is no need for the money to be kept?

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Very recently generous interest free loans were extended to all sorts of businesses, including my own. I was offered £250,000. I spoke with my accountant and to a number of friends who are accountants (what an interesting social circle I have) to canvass their views. All were in favour of taking it, bar one who pertinently asked “What do you want the money for?” I had no answer as I had no plans for it. I didn’t take the loan and would suggest Cllr Hadley and his colleagues return what they have left rather than looking for obscure and disruptive justifications to keep it.


Manor Road, Bournemouth