TODAY is the wettest day of 2020 so far in Dorset, a local weather enthusiast had said.

Twitter-based forecaster WessexWeather recorded 26.6mm of rainfall from his weather station near Wimborne by 12pm today.

Earlier today, the Met Office issued a yellow weather warning of heavy rain for Dorset.

The warning came into force at 3am and ended at 12noon.


The Met Office had said between 20mm and 30mm of rainfall would fall widely.

WessexWeather said: “This is now our wettest day of 2020 so far.”

By 12.30pm the forecaster had recorded 32.2mm of rainfall.

He said according to his data it was the wettest day since December 23, 2013.

Looking ahead he said: “It looks like autumn has well and truly set in I’m afraid. Very wet today, likely warm and sunny but windy tomorrow.

"There is a warning out for strong winds on Friday as the remnants of Tropical Storm Kyle come together to form Storm Ellen (named by Met Eireann rather than the Met Office).”

He said it was too early to tell what the rest of August has in store.

According to the Met Office forecast, Thursday will be sunny with highs of 20C. Friday will see light rain showers and sunshine, but the Met Office has issued a new warning for strong winds.