THE SHELL Bay Restaurant in Studland has successfully reopened after temporarily closing due to a member of staff tested positive for the Covid-19 virus.

Jamie Farrar, the owner of popular seafood restaurants, recognised as one of the best in the county, told the Daily Echo that a collective decision was made to temporarily close the restaurant on Thursday.

Having reopened on Friday night, Mr Farrar said that customers were happy to return, as the restaurant reported busy evening on Friday.

He said: “All our staff members were tested, and the results came back negative.

“We asked the girl who had the virus and is back home to get retested and she is also clear, so we aren’t particularly sure what happened.

“When we announced that we would be reopening, the phones were ringing off the hook and we were getting slightly overwhelmed.”

Due to poor internet and telephone signal, the restaurant have been asking customers to fill out track and trace paper left on their tables.

However, since the stack of forms has been piling up, staff have also got people to complete the track and trace form through the QR code.

Jamie Farrar has advised restaurants and other businesses who may experience a positive Covid-19 case to take the initiative and close their establishment before being instructed to do so from local authorities.

He added: “For any other restaurant or business who think they might have a Covid-19 case, close the restaurant or business down, get everyone tested and start your own track and trace inquiries.

“Don’t wait for the authorities because they can be slow to react.

“If staff or management have any hint of suspicion about a case of the virus, it is best to ask people to leave and close your doors.

“The quicker you react to it, the quicker you sort the issue and the quicker you can reopen again.”