A STRIKING cloud formation was spotted in the distance from a Dorset town on Tuesday evening.

The photograph by Andy Lyons shows the cumulonimbus cloud when he was looking north from Swanage at around 8.30pm on August 11.

The clouds, which are also commonly referred to as ‘thunderheads’, are a sign that thunderstorms may be on their way.

The Met Office said: “Cumulonimbus clouds bring with them heavy showers and lightning.

“These types of clouds have an awful lot of energy stored in them and with that comes the potential for torrential rain, lightning and strong gusty winds."

Dorset is yet to experience any notable thunderstorms during the current prolonged yellow weather warning from the Met Office, with Mr Lyons's image showing the cumulonimbus cloud far in the distance.

The risk of further heavy showers and thunderstorms has been extended for the county and most of England and Wales until 9pm on Monday, August, 17, with a gap in the warning from 6am on Saturday until the start of Sunday.

Temperatures are expected to drop to the mid to low 20s for the next few days after consistent heatwave conditions around 30C.