IT is so sad to see so many people wearing masks outside in the open air even when there is no one else about.

You see so many people, particularly the elderly, sanitising their hands and wearing their masks before going into shops.

The government and the media (particularly the BBC) have been so successful in frightening the general public to death that so many people are still scared to go out and mix with other people in a safe way.

The humanity has gone out of this world at the moment and I am so worried that this will have a terrible effect on our children and younger generation.

The current infection rate in BCP was only two persons per 100,000 last week. This compares to about 200 in a few northern towns. There needs to be a lot more local control rather than the current blanket rule for the whole country.

I know this could be said to taking a risk but the risk of carrying on where we are is far greater for the future sanity and humanity of individuals.


Wynford Road, Bournemouth