WE went to go for an early morning bike ride on the beach at 7am. Branksome Chine car park was already full so we went to Branksome Dene car park, which was nearing capacity. As we are of a certain age where we need to be very careful we were concerned but thought we will be back home by 9am before it gets too busy.

We were horrified to find people camping in the car park which I am sure is illegal and lots of fly tipping of dangerous looking empty chemical bottles.

We were even more disturbed to find that so much of Bournemouth beach had turned into a campsite with litter everywhere and people starting barbecues to make breakfast. There was no social distancing even at this time of the morning so we curtailed our bike ride and headed home.

It is so disappointing that as local taxpayers we cannot use the local facilities and I am sure as the local council must rake in billions in council tax bills they could afford to employ people to at least make sure people vacate the beach by about 8pm at night and send them home.

They would be forced to go and pay for a campsite pitch or a hotel locally which would help out the local economy.


Roman Road, Broadstone