WE should all be giving our wholehearted support to nurses’ demand for a pay rise - it is nothing short of scandalous that they were not included in the government’s recent public sector pay increase because “They had a pay rise in 2018”!

So what? MPs have had no fewer than eight pay rises in the last 10 years, on top of which they claim extremely generous ‘expenses’ (some of which total more than the annual salary of many nurses) and can dine and wine at heavily taxpayer-subsidised watering-holes at the Palace of Westminster!

No amount of clapping and cheering to demonstrate support and appreciation for our nurses and first-responders compensates for their pathetically inadequate salaries.

Frankly, if the salaries of nurses and first-responders were doubled – it still would not reflect their true worth and contribution to society.


Norwich Avenue West, Bournemouth