DORSET is bracing itself for an influx of visitors this weekend as forecasters predict a heatwave.

Temperatures are set to soar to 28C on Friday, rising to 30C on Saturday along the coast.

The hot weather is certain to attract hundreds of thousands of people to the beaches.

Now Dorset Police has warned people to respect social distancing guidelines, take their rubbish home and not to use disposable barbecues.

Disposable barbecues found after Wareham forest fire

Neighbourhood Policing Chief Inspector Jim Beashel said: “The recent hot weather has brought crowds of visitors and residents to our beaches and beauty spots, the majority of whom behave in a considerate and respectful way.

“As it was widely publicised during the last heatwave, a lot of litter was left behind on our beaches and there has already been a lot of devastation caused to local areas as a result of barbecues not being disposed of safely.

“Everyone is welcome to Dorset, we just ask that people be responsible by disposing of litter correctly and act respectfully so everyone can enjoy the beauty that Dorset has to offer.”

Police called to Bournemouth pier on hottest day of the year

Dorset Police and Crime Commissioner Martyn Underhill, added: “We want to welcome visitors back to Dorset, but it’s important everyone continues to respect our communities.

“So please, enjoy the many things our county has to offer, but act responsibly, practice social distancing and remember to take your litter home with you.”

Recent spells of hot weather have seen fights, fires and litter on the beaches and at beauty spots across the county.

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