I FULLY support and endorse the comments in the article ‘They show no respect’ published in the Echo on Saturday, August 1.

It is very sad to see a vast number of beach users are now unable to use litter bins. The same also applies all over the county/country.

Our seafront cleansing team, as well as our rangers sited at various nature reserves and beauty spots, have a thankless task as they tirelessly tackle the litter problem on a daily basis. Our promenade and Pier Approach have an abundance of general waste and recycle bins. Unfortunately the contents of some recycle bins include a high percentage of general waste which is another issue but at least it’s in a bin!

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I say this as founder of the Dorset Devils. This is a voluntary litter picking group of 600 signed-up local residents, who continue to play their part within their own communities to help clear away litter left in their neighbourhoods, streets, parks, gardens and our beautiful coastline.

Added to this we now have Covid-19 litter in the form of face masks, disposable gloves and gel bottles along with tissues, wet wipes etc which we are finding in larger quantities, some of which could be infected.

The litter picking community, including Dorset Devils and other like-minded residents are very disheartened, dispirited and disgusted with the extent of littering since the relaxing of lockdown. We reluctantly recognise there will always be littering in this country but the current levels beggar belief. Everyone has a responsibility to manage their own litter – no excuses.


Founder of Dorset Devils

Grove Road, Bournemouth