IT'S the impressive spectacle that's become something of an attraction this summer.

Cruise ships have been coming and going off Bournemouth for the past few months and have been drawing quite a lot of attention from beachgoers.

Now Stephen Bath has captured the latest ships in situ from above.

The spectacular sight was captured around lunchtime on Saturday (August 1).

The line-up features, from front to the rear; Cunard Queen Elizabeth, P&O Aurora, Cunard Queen Victoria, and P&O Arcadia.

Mr Bath, who is the former managing director of Bath Travel, said: "These four ships would have cost around £2bn pounds when they were new. There seems little chance of these assets being useable before the end of October at the earliest."

He added: "Carnival is the biggest cruise line in the world with almost half of the worlds cruise ships under its control, including Cunard, P&O, Costa Cruises, and Princess Cruises.

"Princess Cruises has 27 ships, most famously the Diamond Princess which was impounded in Yokohama Japan mid-February with an outbreak of COVID-19 aboard."

Other ships that have made appearances in Bournemouth's waters over the past few months include MV Ventura, part of the P&O Cruises fleet, The Marella Explorer, and Royal Caribbean's Empress of the Seas.