A BOURNEMOUTH beachgoer captured the moment police used PAVA spray to disperse crowds on the busy beach.

The footage shows crowds gathering around police officer as they arrested a person on the beach close to Bournemouth Pier.

Officers said they used the incapacitant spray to “assist in lawfully detaining an individual” after two fights broke out in the same area.

An onlooker said: “I have no idea what the hell happened.

“All I saw was the police spray PAVA spray in a bunch of kid’s faces, but it was all kicking off.”

The drama unfolded on Friday evening as thousands of people gathered on the beach when temperatures reached the high 20s.

Dorset Police made two arrests and distributed three dispersal orders in two sperate incidents which took place within three hours of each other.

On the use of the spray, a spokesman from Dorset Police said: “During the incident, as a result of the increased level of threat to the police officer and members of the public by the crowd, an officer deployed PAVA in order to assist in lawfully detaining an individual.”

Enquiries are ongoing into both incidents.