WHAT a mess the council have engineered for Bournemouth.

Consider the 2,000 dwellings planned for the town centre.

Consider how businesses have been driven from the town centre. Could it be a change from business to residential? Consider the number of car parks built on and continuing to be built on, forcing roads to be gridlocked .

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Consider the impact of closing down East Overcliff Drive to the dismay of the hotel industry. The loss of parking for families to access hotels and beach. Could it be the demise of the hotels to residential?

Consider the comments in the Echo. “Bournemouth is a different place – fights, rough sleepers, smell of cannabis everywhere.” Visitor states: “I will never return to Bournemouth.” Consider this: “The police made no attempt to disperse groups of 50-100 in number.”

Finally consider the failure of the council to enforce the bylaws on the front re cycling abuse, dogs on leads, dogs on dog-free beaches, beach barbecues during the day.

Finally you may be pleased to consider the failure to ensure the safety of swimmers against the dangerous actions of a windsurfer today who from Alum Chine to Bournemouth encircled swimmers, as reported to the lifeguard.

My consideration is that Bournemouth council should be furloughed permanently without pay.


Fernheath Close, Bournemouth