ICE cream and cold drinks at the ready.

A heatwave is on the way later this week and temperatures could reach the 30s by the weekend.

Wimborne-based weather enthusiast WessexWeather said: “There has been talk of temperature records being broken. The current UK record of 38.7°C was recorded in July 2019, and prior to that 38.5°C in the infamous heatwave of August 2003.

“As usual the strongest heat will build in the south east but I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see 30°C here in Dorset. There will also be several days of heat from Thursday, rather than just a plume of a day or two, which will allow the heat to build over time. “ He said nights are expected to be “particularly warm and difficult for sleeping.”

WessexWeather added: “One caveat is that weather models can over-predict heat several days ahead (as they can with winter cold) and already there are signs of it toning down a little, with even some showers in the mix. Watch this space!”

Bournemouth-based weather forecaster DorsetSun said: “Although this week will start slightly overcast, we will see cloudless skies by Thursday with temperatures in the high 20s. A week long heatwave is likely to be recorded and we could see temperatures as high as 32c by the weekend.”

DorsetSun said the upcoming hot spell would be “the warmest period of summer by some distance”.

And there’s good news for those who enjoy the heat as DorsetSun said the high pressure looks like it’ll be in control “until mid-August at least”.

Bournemouth and Poole Weather said: "By Thursday temperatures will rise, possibly 26-28c, then by Friday even down here 28-32c looks possible.

"The heat will probably continue into the weekend however it’s just too early to give a forecast of exactly how warm it’ll get."