DORSET-based brand Jimmy’s has launched the UK’s only iced coffee subscription service.

Fans of the drink can sign up to a monthly delivery from the Christchurch-headquartered business.

The company says it has already seen a 3,000 per cent rise in online orders during lockdown.

Co-founder Suzie Owen said: “Ding Dong. That’s a familiar sound heard we hear each day as more and more goods arrive at our doors. Subscription services make people’s lives even easier. Jimmy’s are proud to announce our new online subscription service; a route to market born out of the new way of life.

“Lockdown began the rise in online orders at Jimmy’s, an area we have never properly explored. As our online orders increase month on month we have listened to our customers and given them the choice to subscribe to our liquid gold.”

The range includes Jimmy’s Original, Mocha, Flat White, Extra Shot, Skinny and dairy-free Oat, and its Jimmy’s Coffee Cola.

Subscriptions start with a 12-pack for £18, with a 15 per cent discount for those who opt for two cases or more each month. Customers can switch their preferences each month.