I SEE in the Echo that the board of AFC Bournemouth are to make a claim against Hawkeye that would have given the Cherries a chance to avoid relegation.

Where we they, and the supporters, in February, when a call from VAR that was wrong caused the Cherries to lose the first goal advantage and lose the game.

I speak of the game at Burnley in February when the driver of the VAR machine called up a handball in the box against Mr Smith after the referee had directed a play on and Mr Harry Wilson had scored for Bournemouth. Everyone in the world and their grannies saw it on Match of the Day and could see it was not handball. Four ex-professionals on the BBC and Match of the Day an the results programmes said it was wrong and Mr Sam Allardyce agreed with them in the Echo. Why didn’t the Cherries supporters that saw it follow Mr Neil Moss’s lead and react to this grossly wrong call?

I wrote to the FA, the Referees Union and the Sun newspaper to complain and I did not make any comment. This event was swept under the carpet. The call was wrong and I believe that the VAR driver and the referee should be called to account by a higher authority if there is one, or have FA and VAR got complete control.


Palfrey Road, Bournemouth