CLOSING part of East Overcliff Drive is another example of BCP wasting taxpayers’ money.

Josh Wright reported on July 29 that BCP has decided to close part of East Overcliff Drive.

We have written today to Councillor Slade and Mr Farrant to say that the decision is ill-thought through. The closure will fail to meet any of the stated objectives, and should not go ahead.

Why pick on this small stretch of road? It is already low-traffic, the environment will not become noticeably more pleasant, nor will local residents be encouraged to walk and cycle more than they currently do. So the objectives of the Emergency Active Travel Fund will not be met.

The increase in traffic long Manor, Gervis and Meyrick Roads will reduce the air quality in these roads, be detrimental to health, reduce quality of life and, given the very poor state of the roads, increase the risk of accidents.

BCP council forgot Grove Road, which lies between East Overcliff Drive and Gervis Road and runs from the Manor Road spur to St Peter’s roundabout.

We believe traffic turned away by the road closure will likely use Grove Road – never built as a thoroughfare but as an access road for the properties along the Overcliff; nowadays used by delivery lorries and coaches; thickly overhung with unkempt trees; a footpath on the south side only; in urgent need of resurfacing between Manor and Meyrick Roads; and dangerous due to speeding and the sharp bend near St Peter’s roundabout.

Mr Powell’s comment that “the move would also make school travel for children safer” is ludicrous.

The demographics of the immediate area mean there are few or no school runs or commuting journeys so a claim that the closure will help reduce such journeys and increase ‘active travel’ cannot be justified.


Chairman, Grove Court Management Company

Grove Road, Bournemouth