There’s nothing quite like the feeling of realising you’ve not got anything for dinner and have to get a cheeky takeaway instead. 

But decisions, decisions, decisions…do you go for an Indian, a pizza or Thai? 

With the introduction of delivery apps the possibilities are endless as to what to choose. 

You can go for a classic take-out, get something a bit healthy or go wild and try something completely new. 

But sometimes all of this can be a bit overwhelming when you’re hungry and you just want to know where the best place is. 

So to make it a bit easier for you we’ve compiled a list of Tripadvisor’s top five independent restaurant deliveries in Bournemouth: 


Bournemouth Echo:

Opening times:

Daily - 12pm to 11pm

All of the dishes at the family-run Luxor are cooked on a charcoal grill using traditional methods.

Luxor cooks all of their meat dishes using aged pine and lump-wood charcoal to ensure it is has a smokey barbecue flavour. 

The restaurant has over 400 'excellent' reviews, with customers raving about their dining experience. 

One happy customer on TripAdvisor said: "The food was absolutely delicious, we ordered to takeaway and everything was so flavoursome and authentic.

"The portion sizes were huge and the price was very reasonable."

El Murrino

Bournemouth Echo:

Opening times:

Daily from 11.30am to 11pm 

The new El Murrino restaurant opened in 2017 on Old Christchurch Road. 

The restaurant serves all the Italian classics such as pasta, pizza and tiramisu. 

With over 900 shining reviews El Murrino has really made itself a loyal customer base. 

One review said the pizza was better than any they had in Italy. 

Forno Pizza

Opening times:

Saturday - 12pm to 10pm

Daily - 5pm to 10pm

Forno pizza restaurant can be found on Wimborne Road in Winton. 

The sourdough pizza bar uses an authentic wood fired pizza oven and prices start at £6. 

Some customer favourites include the Killer Bees and the vegan Legalise Marinara pizzas.

One review said: "The most delicious pizza. The sourdough base is so flavourful with a nice amount of char."

Dilli Haat

Opening times:

Daily from 5.30pm to 11pm

Dilli Haat is a family run Indian restaurant in Westbourne on Seamoor Road.

The chefs at Dilli Haat are described as sourcing all of their food locally where possible and get authentic ingredients to ensure the flavours truly reflect India.

Customers describe their experience eating with Dilli Haat as being "as close to Indian dining as you can get". 

Bourenmouth of Lahore

Bournemouth Lahore is located on Old Christchurch Road near Bournemouth town centre. 

The authentic Indian and Pakistani restaurant has a varied menu offering curries, tandooris and more. 

Lahore has recently been awarded the TripAdvisor Travellers' Choice Award 2020. 

Called a "hidden gem" by customers, the Lahore has had over 300 'excellent' reviews. 

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