A WOMAN died at home of a combined prescribed drugs and alcohol overdose, an inquest has heard.

Alison Helen Claire Ellis, also known as Claire Alison Helen Ellis, aged 49, died at her home address of Calvin Road, Winton, Bournemouth, on September 16, last year.

Coroner Brendan Allen presided over the inquest into her death at Dorset Coroner's Court, Bournemouth Town Hall, on Wednesday. (July 29)

During the hearing statements were read to court from Miss Ellis' family, health professionals, police and a pathologist.

Miss Ellis' parents explained their daughter had a long history of mental illness and alcohol problems, and had been diagnosed as bipolar.

She also had both of her hips replaced in 2017.

The court heard she had gained a degree in criminology and criminal justice from Portsmouth University.

In a statement prepared by her parents, they said: "She appeared to all concerned to be happy and well and on her way to a full recovery.

"We were reconciled with her and she was a fully functioning member of our family again.

"Her death on the 16th of September was most unexpected."

In the months and weeks leading up to her death she had numerous appointments with mental health professionals. Indeed, she'd attended an appointment with her support worker, who described her as "a very insightful woman" earlier on the day of her death.

Mr Allen said it was clear from the evidence he had seen that there were no signs of increased risk at that time.

The court heard that on the day of her death, she had gone to sleep at the flat she shared with her partner of four years, Wendy Ford.

Wendy noticed she wasn't breathing and called paramedics, but they were unable to revive her and she was pronounced dead at the scene shortly after 11pm.

Dorset Police investigated and found no suspicious circumstances, nor evidence of third party involvement or suicide.

After a post mortem examination was carried out, the cause of death was confirmed as mixed drug and alcohol intoxication.

Drugs found in her system included medicine's venlafaxine and quetiapine, both of which were being prescribed to Miss Ellis, and codeine.

Recording a conclusion of death by misadventure, Mr Allen said: "It is clear from the evidence available to me that Miss Ellis had long-standing mental health difficulties and she was in the care of the local community mental health team.

"It was felt her risk of self harm increased when she was intoxicated.

"Having said that, Miss Ellis appeared to have been making good progress in relation to her mental health."

Mr Allen said that after Miss Ellis' appointment with her support worker it was apparent that she "must have consumed alcohol at some point, and consumed alcohol to excess, and she took some of her medication to excess."

He also said it was apparent she did not take all of her medication available to her and it was the combined volume of the medication and alcohol that led to her death.

Mr Allen said: "There was no indication of a note being left at the scene, and no indication that on that day Miss Ellis intended to take her own life."