JAMES Cox in his letter of June 29 takes the view the Conservatives need to join with the Alliance in running BCP council. He sees the whole issue in terms of leadership and political party “numbers”.

But then this but brings to light yet again the numbing folly of the archaic system we use to run councils where “numbers” of one “set” become the overwhelming preoccupation. Not the matter of policy delivery.

And we end yet again with a call for a so archaic so wasteful “vote of confidence”.

This all needs 100 per cent sweeping away. The end of political parties and councillors. All those locked into parties with first and highest loyalty keeping parties in power.

And the consequence of all this, as matters stand now in Ashley Road, from where James Fox writes, we are plummeting into slum conditions.

We have massive fly-tipping, left month after month. We have weeds four feet high all over the area. Left month after month. We have broken down raised planters. Whole blocks smashed and missing.

And we have yet again a smashed electric charging unit, sticking out two feet into Ashley Road traffic lanes, has now been hit four times by vehicles causing serious accidents. One car spun over with serious trauma injuries but the deaf council refuses to move it to a safe location.

And add to this one large high street outlet, with overflowing commercial refuse bins, a law unto itself carrying out deliveries in the middle of the night causing huge upset to local households but from council, in three years, not a scrap of action.

In sum the most anti-social behaviour, above all, from BCP Council. Failure to clear fly-tipping. Failure to deal with proliferating weeds. Failure to repair broken down infrastructure. Failure to move an electric charging unit. Failure to act to stop night time noise disruption impacting on local households.

And the solution to all this, or at least one very good step forward, get rid of council political party system. Bring in an elected commissioner or mayor. The end of the “political party numbers” game. All senior council officers on delivery driven contracts. An end of archaic for life council gravy train whilst our areas plummet into slum conditions.


Jubilee Road, Parkstone